Polycarbonate Roto Seal

The Polycarbonate Roto Seal with Laser Engraving indicating with dual type locking system as Rotating and Anchor type, suitable for effectively sealing indoor/outdoor type energy meter and terminal cover. This polycarbonate roto seal design easy to install without use of any tool. Once installed it will not possible to open forcibly without completely destroying the body of the seal. Sealing wire is non-corrosive, non magnetic stainless steel type in any customized size. Default length of seal is 150mm. See-through body give a complete visualization of its fixing mechanism and provide clear indicating of tampering.

Technical Details

Model DSE-RA-01
Material Seal Body : Polycarbonate
Seal Wire : Stainless Steel 304 Grade twisted seal wire of size 0.4 mm and 0.2 mm, Total Outer Diameter : 0.6 mm
Print Laser engraving company name, logo, same serial number in both male and female part of seal, etc.

Outer Body : Natural Color

Anchor insert: Red, Green, Blue, yellow , pink or any customized color.

Rotating Part : Red, Green, Blue, yellow , pink or any customized color.


Seal is tested in ERDA of following tests;

·         Heat Resistant Test

·         Boiling water test

·         Chemical Test

·         Tensile Strength (Breaking Load) and pull out force

·         Salt Spray ( fog) Test

Tensile Strength 23.00 Kgf

(1 Jumbo Bag = 1000 Nos. Seals)

·         50 Seals pack in a poly bag

·         20 poly bags pack in a jumbo Bag

·         Jumbo Bag Size :650 X 500 X 280  mm

·         Gross Weight : 5.0 Kg

·         Net Weight : 4.5 Kg.