Warranty Seals

Warranty Seal
Warranty Seal Applying At Surface
Warranty Seal Tampering Position
Warranty Seal After Tampred
  • These seals are printed with customized matter, with company name, serial number, barcode& any other matter in any size as required.
  • When an attempt is made to remove the seal or its portion is forcibly pulled, the word ” VOID” automatically got printed on the surface of the product. When it is tried to stick again the forcibly opened surface of the seal, the word “VOID” appears prominently on that portion of seal.


  • Electricity meters
  • Water Meters
  • Gas Meters
  • Utility Meters
  • Envelopes
  • Drums
  • Luggages
  • Cartoons
  • Bottles
  • Cupboard doors
  • Evidence Bags
  • Truck cargos
  • Rail Cargos
  • Lockers
  • and so many application